The CAAP designation (Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional) is a recognized industry standard in Canada. It is uniquely designed to reflect the complex business challenges of the marketing communications industry.

About CAAP

CAAP is a professional skills certification program for marketing communications practitioners. It provides an advanced skill-building experience for those looking to excel in business building, brand planning and communication solution design.

The design of the CAAP program is acclaimed for both its content and its practical learning approach. CAAP sharpens business problem solving skills by guiding participants to apply new thinking and tools, uncover essential insight and opportunity, and ultimately learn how to architect breakthrough communication solutions more successfully.

The CAAP program is guided by a group of expert practitioner leaders who help bring the learning to life with real case-based insight. CAAP also offers a tool-kit of models and approaches to streamline solution work back on the job providing an immediate way for participants to advance their work performance.

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Who is CAAP for?

CAAP is for those committed individuals who want to lead the future of brand communications solution success.

The CAAP program is designed to help strengthen and amplify the skills of marketing practitioners who have established work experience. The typical CAAP participant has between 2-5 years of work experience in marketing, sales or entrepreneurial product development fields.

The CAAP experience enhances work perspective for established marketers and communication practitioners and is designed to elevate the ability to think strategically and creatively about business, branding and communications.

The value of the CAAP credential

The CAAP Accreditation is widely recognized in the Canadian marketing community as an important and distinctive performance credential. CAAP graduates are found throughout the industry and are ranked amongst some of Canada’s top marketing leaders.

The distinction of the CAAP Accreditation (which is backed by the Institute of Communication Agencies, ICA) is that it is the only professionally recognized credential in the Canadian marketing communications industry.  The credential uniquely signals commitment towards building a career as a marketing communications professional and reinforces the formal qualifications that participants achieve during the program.

In addition to the CAAP Accreditation, the program now offers CAAP Select which is the way to achieve a skill certification in any of six core disciplines offered within the CAAP program.  The CAAP Select certification offers a way to sharpen a specific skill area quickly and also may be combined to build towards a full CAAP Accreditation over an extended time period.

The CAAP program is offered annually in both Toronto and Western Canada markets.


Learn more about the CAAP program:

CAAP Toronto – 2016/17 NOW OPEN

CAAP Select:
  • The ability to PLAN (Starts Sep 21/16)
  • The skill to BRAND (Starts Nov 2/16)
  • The confidence to ARCHITECT (Starts Jan 11/17)
  • The ability to SEE (Starts Mar 1/17)

Google MapLocation
ICA Executive Education Centre, Toronto
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 3002
CAAP West 2016/17 — NOW OPEN

CAAP Select
  • The ability to SEE (Nov 18/19))
  • The skill to ARCHITECT (Feb 24/25)
  • The confidence to CREATE (Apr 28/29)

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Location: Calgary/Edmonton
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